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The document or documents listed below reflect the complete agreement as amended through the indicated amendment number, ordered in reverse chronological order starting with the current amendment. Amendments listed with MC are marked copies of the specific changes made by that particular amendment. Each amendment indicates the date on which it was filed, the date it became effective, and a brief synopsis of the purpose of the amendment.

ACL/H-L Reciprocal Space Charter and Sailing Agreement

FMC Agreement No. 010955

Synopsis: The Agreement authorizes the Parties to cross charter space and rationalize service in the trans-Atlantic trade.

Most Recent Filing Date Filed Effective Date Synopsis
8/10/2021 9/24/2021 The amendment changes the name of the agreement, narrows its geographic scope, adds additional details regarding the cooperation of the parties, clarifies the authority of the parties with respect to joint negotiations, updates the address of ACL, shortens the notice required to terminate the agreement, makes other technical corrections, and deletes obsolete material. The amendment also restates the agreement.
8/8/2006 8/8/2006 The amendment updates Hapag-Lloyd’s corporate name, the parties’ home office addresses, and the delegation of authority provision.
3/4/2005 3/4/2005 The amendment deletes the capacity rationalization authority contained in the agreement.
1/3/2005 1/3/2005 The amendment deletes authority for the parties to discuss and agree on tariff rates.
12/13/1996 12/13/1996 The amendment changes the name of Hapag Lloyd.
11/14/1996 12/29/1996 The amendment adds a new Article 7.2 which permits either party to withdraw from the Agreement on six months written notice.
3/17/1995 5/4/1995 The amendment makes various changes to the names and addresses of the parties and increases the number of vessels to 23.
8/2/1991 9/16/1991 The amendment deletes Gulf Container Line and CGM and makes other miscellaneous changes including adding the authority to voluntarily agree on tariff rates, rules and conditions of service.
7/24/1987 7/24/1987 The amendment reflects changes in the persons authorized to file modifications to the Agreement.
1/20/1987 1/20/1987 The amendment changes the name of Atlantic Container Line.
6/4/1986 7/19/1986 The Agreement authorizes the Parties to cross charter space and rationalize service in the trans-Atlantic trade.