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The document or documents listed below reflect the complete agreement as amended through the indicated amendment number, ordered in reverse chronological order starting with the current amendment. Amendments listed with MC are marked copies of the specific changes made by that particular amendment. Each amendment indicates the date on which it was filed, the date it became effective, and a brief synopsis of the purpose of the amendment.

Lease Between Port of Seattle and Eagle Marine Services, Ltd.

FMC Agreement No. 010839

Synopsis: The Agreement sets forth the lease terms for Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle.

Most Recent Filing Date Filed Effective Date Synopsis
12/13/1999 12/13/1999 The amendment provides for changes in berth deepening, vessel calls and liquidated damages.
12/13/1999 12/13/1999 The amendment makes adjustments to rental payments under the Agreement.
12/13/1999 12/13/1999 The amendment transfers the lease to a subsidiary of the former lease holder.
8/18/1992 8/18/1992 The amendment updates Agreement provisions relating to the use of container cranes.
8/25/1989 8/25/1989 The amendment provides for the substitution of crane beams.
2/27/1989 2/27/1989 The amendment provides for the addition of approximately six acres of improved terminal area upon completion of construction of the premises and a chance in rent to reflect the additional area.
9/22/1987 9/22/1987 The amendment adds a fifth container crane for operation at Terminal 5.
4/2/1986 4/28/1986 The amendment extends the agreement's duration.
10/3/1985 11/1/1985 The Agreement sets forth the lease terms for Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle.