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The document or documents listed below reflect the complete agreement as amended through the indicated amendment number, ordered in reverse chronological order starting with the current amendment. Amendments listed with MC are marked copies of the specific changes made by that particular amendment. Each amendment indicates the date on which it was filed, the date it became effective, and a brief synopsis of the purpose of the amendment.

ACL/WWOcean Agreement

FMC Agreement No. 011261

Synopsis: The Agreement authorizes the parties to charter space to each other in the trade between Europe and the United States.

Most Recent Filing Date Filed Effective Date Synopsis
7/19/2018 7/19/2018 The amendment changes the name of Wallenius Wilhelmsen, updates the addresses of the parties, and updates the name of the Agreement.
1/30/2018 1/30/2018 The amendment revises the amount of space being chartered under the Agreement, adds the Atlantic Coast of Canada to the geographic scope of the Agreement, adjusts the notice required to terminate the Agreement in certain circumstances, and deletes obsolete material from the Agreement. It also updates the address of Atlantic Container Line.
11/23/2015 11/23/2015 The amendment deletes the termination date and extends the Agreement's duration indefinitely.
11/3/2010 12/18/2010 The amendment extends the duration of the agreement through 2015, clarifies the geographic scope, and restates the Agreement.
12/30/2005 12/30/2005 The amendment changes Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines AS to Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics AS.
2/11/2002 3/28/2002 The amendment changes the address of ACL, and reduces the geographic scope.
7/2/1999 7/2/1999 The amendment reflects the merger of Wallenius Lines AB and Wilhelmsen Lines AS, forming Wallenius Wilhelmsen AS.
3/18/1999 3/18/1999 The amendment adds a reference to the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, changes the name of the Agreement, and makes other non-substantive changes.
1/29/1999 3/15/1999 The amendment removes rate discussion authority from the Agreement.
8/29/1997 10/13/1997 The amendment extends the term of the Agreement and makes other non-substantive changes.
8/9/1991 9/23/1991 The amendment provides for the sub-chartering of space to third parties by Wallenius.
5/21/1991 7/5/1991 The amendment adds non-binding rate discussion authority.
11/15/1989 12/30/1989 The Agreement authorizes the parties to charter space to each other in the trade between Europe and the United States.