20-15 - Passenger Vessel Financial Responsibility

Last Updated: 09/27/2021

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110/07/2020Passenger Vessel Financial Responsibility(ANPRM)Passenger Vessel Financial Responsibility.pdf20-15 ANPRM_final_posting.pdf 34434
210/29/2020Advanced notice of proposed rulemaking appeared in Federal Register, 85 FR 65020. (Comment due November 13, 2020).Advanced notice of proposed rulemaking appeared in Federal Register, 85 FR 65020. (Comment due November 13, 2020).pdf20_15_Adv_Rule_2020-21957.pdf 35445
310/23/2020Received Comments of Kacie Didier, Federal Rule Comment.Received Comments of Kacie Didier, Federal Rule Comment..pdf20-15_Received_Comment.pdf 35458
411/13/2020Received Comments of Passenger Vessel Association.Received Comments of Passenger Vessel Association. ​.pdf20-15_PVA_Comments_ Pass_Vess_Fin_Resp_11_13_20.pdf 35455
511/13/2020Received Comments of Cruise Line International Association.Received Comments of Cruise Line International Association..pdf20-15_CLIA_Comments_ANPRM_11_13_20.pdf 35456
611/13/2020Received Comments of Surety & Fidelity Association of America.Received Comments of Surety & Fidelity Association of America..pdf20-15_FMC_PVO_Financial_Assurance_SFAA_Comment_Final.pdf 35457
708/24/2021Issued Notice of Proposed RulemakingIssued Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.pdf20-15_PVO_NPR.pdf 47694
808/25/2021Notice of Proposed Rulemaking appeared in Federal Register, 86 FR 47441 (Comments due October 25, 2021)Notice of Proposed Rulemaking appeared in Federal Register, 86 FR 47441 (Comments due October 25, 2021).pdf20-15_FR_Pub.pdf 47703
908/25/2021Received Comments of Angelee ConroyReceived Comments of Angelee Conroy.pdf20-15_Conroy_Comment.pdf 47733
1008/25/2021Received Comments of Richard MckinnonReceived Comments of Richard Mckinnon.pdf20-15_Mckinnon_Comment.pdf 47706
1108/25/2021Received Comments of Dr. MuinosReceived Comments of Dr. Muinos.pdf20-15_DrMuinos_Comment.pdf 47707
1208/25/2021Received Comments of Jean CarrReceived Comments of Jean Carr.pdf20-15_Carr_Comment.pdf 47708
1308/26/2021Received Comments of Robert BeaudetReceived Comments of Robert Beaudet.pdf20-15_Beaudet_Comment.pdf 47709
1408/26/2021Received Comments of Blanche KellyReceived Comments of Blanche Kelly.pdf20-15_Kelly_Comment.pdf 47710
1508/26/2021Received Comments of Deborah HelboReceived Comments of Deborah Helbo.pdf20-15_Helbo_Comment.pdf 47711
1608/26/2021Received Comments of Danette LiljaReceived Comments of Danette Lilja.pdf20-15_Lilja_Comment.pdf 47732
1708/27/2021Received Comments of William VegaReceived Comments of William Vega.pdf20-15_Vega_Comment.pdf 47712

Received Comments of Kathryn Tenenholz 

Received Comments of Kathryn Tenenholz.pdf20-15_Tenenholz_Comment.pdf 47713
1908/27/2021Received Comments of Jodie YoungReceived Comments of Jodie Young.pdf20-15_Young_Comment.pdf 47716
2008/27/2021Received Comments of Ruth LynchReceived Comments of Ruth Lynch.pdf20-15_Lynch_Comment.pdf 47717
2108/27/2021Received Comments of Gina HoweReceived Comments of Gina Howe.pdf20-15_Howe_Comment.pdf 47714
2208/27/2021Received Comments of Patrick SteeleReceived Comments of Patrick Steele.pdf20-15_Steele_Comment.pdf 47718
2308/30/2021Received Comments of Denise HattonReceived Comments of Denise Hatton.pdf20-15_Hatton_Comment.pdf 47719
2408/30/2021Received Comments of Mr. and Mrs. William ShepardReceived Comments of Mr. and Mrs. William Shepard.pdf20-15_Shepard_Comment.pdf 47720
2508/30/2021Received Comments of "Uncle Joe"Received Comments of "Uncle Joe".pdf20-15_UncleJoe_Comment.pdf 47721
2608/30/2021Received Comments of Jerry G. LandauReceived Comments of Jerry G. Landau.pdf20-15_Landau_Comment.pdf 47722
2708/30/2021Received Comments of John L. LibbeyReceived Comments of John L. Libbey.pdf20-15_Libbey_Comment.pdf 47715
2808/30/2021Received Comments of Brian ScottReceived Comments of Brian Scott.pdf20-15_Scott_Comment.pdf 47723
2908/30/2021Received Comments of J PrampollaReceived Comments of J Prampolla.pdf20-15_Prampolla_Comment.pdf 47724
3008/30/2021Received Comments of Sandra JohnsonReceived Comments of Sandra Johnson.pdf20-15_Johnson_Comment.pdf 47725
3108/30/2021Received Comments of Al ForbesReceived Comments of Al Forbes.pdf20-15_Forbes_Comment.pdf 47726
3208/30/2021Received Comments of Angela DunnReceived Comments of Angela Dunn.pdf20-15_Dunn_Comment.pdf 47727
3308/31/2021Received Comments of Dale & Deborah HoffmanReceived Comments of Dale & Deborah Hoffman.pdf20-15_Hoffman_Comment.pdf 47728
3409/01/2021Received Comments of Ernestina CasianoReceived Comments of Ernestina Casiano.pdf20-15_Casiano_Comment.pdf 47731
3509/07/2021Received Comments of Scott HatfieldReceived Comments of Scott Hatfield.pdf20-15_Hatfield_Comment.pdf 47738
3609/09/2021Received Comments of Violeta TalandisReceived Comments of Violeta Talandis.pdf20-15_Talandis_Comment.pdf 47743
3709/10/2021Received Comments of Joseph CrivelloReceived Comments of Joseph Crivello.pdf20-15_Crivello_Comment.pdf 47744
3809/10/2021Received Comments of John MarshallReceived Comments of John Marshall.pdf20-15_Marshall_Comment.pdf 47745
3909/10/2021Received Comments of Tony AntonioReceived Comments of Tony Antonio.pdf20-15_Antonio_Comment.pdf 47758
4009/10/2021Received Comments of Christopher SharpeReceived Comments of Christopher Sharpe.pdf20-15_Sharpe_Comment.pdf 47759
4109/10/2021Received Comments of James SmithReceived Comments of James Smith.pdf20-15_Smith_Comment.pdf 47760
4209/11/2021Received Comments of Virginia HackettReceived Comments of Virginia Hackett.pdf20-15_Hackett_Comment.pdf 47761
4309/12/2021Received Comments of Janet KrebsReceived Comments of Janet Krebs.pdf20-15_Krebs_Comment.pdf 47762
4409/12/2021Received Comments of Allen JohnstonReceived Comments of Allen Johnston.pdf20-15_Johnston_Comment.pdf 47763
4509/12/2021Received Comments of Aurora SolisReceived Comments of Aurora Solis.pdf20-15_Solis_Comment.pdf 47764
4609/12/2021Received Comments of Matt and Barbara LucasReceived Comments of Matt and Barbara Lucas.pdf20-15_Lucas_Comment.pdf 47765
4709/12/2021Received Comments of Toy Phillips IIIReceived Comments of Toy Phillips III.pdf20-15_Phillips_Comment.pdf 47766
4809/12/2021Received Comments of Jennifer LocquiaoReceived Comments of Jennifer Locquiao.pdf20-15_Locquiao_Comment.pdf 47767
4909/13/2021Received Comments of VG TravelReceived Comments of VG Travel.pdf20-15_vgtravel_Comment.pdf 47768
5009/13/2021Received Comments of Jose M. MarquezReceived Comments of Jose M. Marquez.pdf20-15_Marquez_Comment.pdf 47769
5109/13/2021Received Comments of Anita Balli BraunwalderReceived Comments of Anita Balli Braunwalder.pdf20-15_Braunwalder_Comment.pdf 47770
5209/14/2021Received Comments of Kathleen MckeownReceived Comments of Kathleen Mckeown.pdf20-15_Mckeown_Comment.pdf 47771
5309/14/2021Received Comments of Kathleen LangReceived Comments of Kathleen Lang.pdf20-15_Lang_Comment.pdf 47772
5409/14/2021Received Comments of Thuy LindseyReceived Comments of Thuy Lindsey.pdf20-15_Lindsey_Comment.pdf 47773
5509/15/2021Received Comments of David and Robin SchultzReceived Comments of David and Robin Schultz.pdf20-15_Schultz_Comment.pdf 47783
5609/16/2021Received Comments of Gilbert GeeReceived Comments of Gilbert Gee.pdf20-15_Gee_Comment.pdf 47784
5709/16/2021Received Comments of Marc S. Young, PEReceived Comments of Marc S. Young, PE.pdf20-15_Young_Comment2.pdf 47785
5809/17/2021Received Comments of Alan R. ZinnReceived Comments of Alan R. Zinn.pdf20-15_Zinn_Comment.pdf 47789
5909/21/2021Received Comments of Eric DillinReceived Comments of Eric Dillin.pdf20-15_Dillin_Comment.pdf 47792
6009/22/2021Received Supplemental Comments of Marc S. Young, PEReceived Supplemental Comments of Marc S. Young, PE.pdf20-15_Young_Comment3.pdf 47795
6109/22/2021Received Comments of Mr. Sandy RosenbergReceived Comments of Mr. Sandy Rosenberg.pdf20-15_Rosenberg_Comment.pdf 47796
6209/22/2021Received Comments of Richard and Annette MaddernReceived Comments of Richard and Annette Maddern.pdf20-15_Maddern_Comment_Redacted.pdf 48792
6309/24/2021Received Comments of TonyReceived Comments of Tony.pdf20-15_Tony_Comment.pdf 48793
6409/27/2021Received Comments of Ron GustavesonReceived Comments of Ron Gustaveson.pdf20-15_Gustaveson_Comment_Redacted.pdf 48798