22-29 - MVM Logistics v MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (USA) Inc.

Last Updated: 11/21/2022

Document NumberDocument Serve DateDescriptionDocument
110/25/2022Received ComplaintComplaint.pdf22-29_complaint.pdf 76509
210/25/2022Served Notice of Filing and Complaint and AssignmentNotice of Filing and Complaint and Assignment.pdf22-29_ Notice Of Filing without signature.pdf 76510
310/27/2022Served Order Designating Administrative Law JudgeServed Order Designating Administrative Law Judge.pdf22-29 Order Designating Administrative Law Judge.pdf 76526
410/27/2022Served Initial OrderServed Initial Order.pdf22-29 Served Initial Order.pdf 76527
511/21/2022Received Notice of AppearanceReceived Notice of Appearance.pdf22-29 Notice of Appearance (WC).pdf 77602
611/21/2022Received Answer to ComplaintReceived Answer to Complaint.pdf22-29 Answer to Complaint.pdf 77603